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Dear Kay,
At the outset, allow me to thank you for your perfect organization. It was a pleasure to meet Leyla and I enjoyed the evening immensely. A lovely person indeed. Thank you so much and adieu until next time :-))


Hi Kay, you must be the High Priestess of Femininity to keep coming to up with such beautiful treasures. Thank you so much for arranging a date with Leyla for me. I have never had a better evening with anyone, she is so natural both in appearance and in personality. After fifteen minutes I felt like I had been in love with her for years except it was so fresh. There goes another little piece of my heart but it is given gladly, I´m sure she will treasure it and the longer she stays with you the bigger her collection will be. She is irresistible. Now I need to go to sleep to continue this dream.


Dear Kay,
I would like to express my compliments for a very nice and fantastic time I’ve spent with Leyla in Frankfurt.
She arrived on time, beautiful, charming with the charisma of a princess. Her sweetness and straightforward character made our time together truly relaxing. No words or number can describe the happiness during my date with Leyla.
Time went by so quickly and of course this experience will always stay in my memory.
Thanks for your organization and I’m looking forward to meet Leyla again during my next trip.


Hallo Kay
Leyla war herrlich. Elegant, sehr gut aussehend, bezaubernd, unterhaltsam und sie hat meine Erwartungen mehr als übertroffen.

Vielen Dank!


Just a big THANK YOU.
Leyla should be super-prime rate. She is amazingly good looking... amazing character and personality with a smile which is intoxicating... everything else is also superb.

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