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Dear Kay,
I wanted to send a note earlier but words seem to be failing me.
Last evening with Angelina could not possibly have been any better. Dinner and conversation with such a bright, gifted, insightful partner was delightful in every way. I learned so much from her, all while having the opportunity to study her beautiful face. She is truly a remarkably special woman.

Please tell her again how much I enjoyed the time we spent together. It was wonderful. I´ll be thinking about her frequently until next time.


Dear Kay
My trip with Angelina was great , she is just prefect in all the way.
I will invite her for sure for my next trip


A whole book would not suffice to express my gratitude to Angelina for the many different gifts I have received from her in the fullness of time. Needless to say, thanks to her perfect body, she is a compelling, ingenious and addictive woman who blossoms as an escort. But Angelina is first and foremost a mindful guide through what really matters in life, a friend whom a sensitive man can and should trust without restraint, for he will be rewarded by warm and lively eyes, by a bright smile, by an elegant laugh, by hands always prone to reaching out to him when wished, and last but not the least, by precious and lasting words.
She is a treasure, but why spread the word ? « Chut ! Shush ! Pst ! Sst ! Tyst ! Chico ! Zitta ! Chito ! Sus ! »


Hi Kay, yes Angelina was awesome. She is a stunningly beautiful lady, but more than that we got on really well, and she has a very friendly personality, she is very genuine and has a very positive attitude. We had some very interesting and delightful conversations. I couldn´t have asked for better. Thank you for introducing me, I definitely would like to see Angelina again.


Hi Kay
Just wanted to let you know I had a great time with both girls. Angelina is everything I expected, very beautiful, a radiating smile, Classy and a very naughty side ;-) would love to see her again.

Escort FrankfurtEscort Frankfurt
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