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Kay´s Escorts have decided to introduce different rates. The ladies in the lowest rates range are new in our agency and have collected very little to no experience at all in the world of high class escorts. The customary high quality in regards to the selection of ladies is of course not reduced in any way by the lower rates, as the ladies must still meet the very high level standards, expectations and personal attitude of our agency. All ladies start as debutants, from whom we do not just expect to be extremely beautiful, but moreover to also have class, humour, charm, special social capabilities, intelligence and impeccable manners. These high qualifications are regularly controlled by us through active interaction with our clients, in order to guarantee satisfaction and constantly maintain our high quality. The stunning looks alone, however, should not be the only criteria for selection. We also want to give the debutants the time to get reoriented and to master the new challenges, before they dare to venture into the next higher category. The ladies, that already are in the higher category, have earned it by steady positive feedback from our clients, loyalty towards our agency and unbending motivation. Since we constitute a high interest to guarantee the full satisfaction of our clients, we are absolutely convinced, that the new rates will be met by great appreciation. And especially because we know our ladies very well, we can easily assist our clients in making the best possible and most suitable choice in finding a true dreamdate.

 Classic Rate

1,5 hours (only within the Lady´s home area)450   EUR
2 hours (only within the Lady´s home area)600   EUR
Cocktails up to 3 hours750   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 4 hours900   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 5 hours1.050   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 6 hours1.200   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 8 hours1.350   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 10-12 hours starting 21h or later1.650   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 13-15 hours1.800   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 16-18 hours1.950   EUR
19-24 hours2.100   EUR
2 Overnights (up to 39 hours)3.600   EUR
48 hours3.900   EUR
each additional day (up to 24 hrs)900   EUR

 Exclusive Rate

1,5 hours (only within the Lady´s home area)600   EUR
2 hours (only within the Lady´s home area)750   EUR
Cocktails up to 3 hours1.050   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 4 hours1.200   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 5 hours1.350   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 6 hours1.500   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 8 hours1.650   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 10-12 hours starting 21h or later1.800   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 13-15 hours1.950   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 16-18 hours2.100   EUR
19-24 hours2.400   EUR
2 Overnights (up to 39 hours)3.900   EUR
48 hours4.200   EUR
each additional day (up to 24 hrs)1.200   EUR

 Premium Rate

1,5 hours (only within the Lady´s home area)750   EUR
2 hours (only within the Lady´s home area)900   EUR
Cocktails up to 3 hours1.200   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 4 hours1.350   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 5 hours1.500   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 6 hours1.650   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 8 hours1.950   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 10-12 hours starting 21h or later2.100   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 13-15 hours2.250   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 16-18 hours2.400   EUR
19-24 hours2.700   EUR
2 Overnights (up to 39 hours)4.500   EUR
48 hours4.800   EUR
each additional day (up to 24 hrs)1.350   EUR

 Superior Rate

1,5 hours (only within the Lady´s home area)900   EUR
2 hours (only within the Lady´s home area)1050   EUR
Cocktails up to 3 hours1350   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 4 hours1650   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 5 hours1800   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 6 hours1950   EUR
Lunch/Dinner up to 8 hours2250   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 10-12 hours starting 21h or later2700   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 13-15 hours2850   EUR
Dinner and Overnight 16-18 hours3000   EUR
19-24 hours3300   EUR
2 Overnights (up to 39 hours)5700   EUR
48 hours6000   EUR
each additional day (up to 24 hrs)1650   EUR

• For trips by airplane, please expect to pay an additional 50EUR for parking or for taxi transportation to the airport, trips exceeding 24hrs the coverage of extra costs is 100EUR.
• To avoid an unpleasant, namely the business part of "handing the money out" during your meeting, we recommend a 100% prepayment via credit card or bank transfer. I have authority to receive payment on behalf of the escort lady. The necessary information will be provided on request.
• If you are a new customer and you are meeting with the lady outside her home city, a down-payment of at least one-third of the sum agreed upon including the travel expenses shall be required.
• For bookings with couples there will be an additional charge of one third of the total fee.
• If you like to invite a lady just for an evening to a city more than 450 km away from her hometown, but still located in Europe, the minimum booking duration should be 6 hours. Travel expenses will be calculated individually.
• We must make you aware, that Kay Escorts Agency only mediates services, which include the power of receipt of money. You also separately contract directly with the individual escort ladies.
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